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Carlos Irizarry & Sarinette Caraballo have more than 22 years of combined experience in supervision, management, inventory management, direct sales, retail sales, wholesale, buying, marketing, telemarking & email marketing. They are exactly what your business need to succeed.


2020 Keap Certified Partner / Sales & Email Marketing Expert – Keap by Infusionsoft

2018 International Maxwell Certification – The John Maxwell Team. Independent Certified Speaker, Teacher, Trainer & Coach with The John Maxwell Team

2016 Manager’s School – Walmart Puerto Rico

2015 Walton Institute – Walmart Puerto Rico

2012 Management Training Program – Walmart Puerto Rico


Vision: Help individuals and business owners open doors toward success in this world.

Mission: Help millions of business around the world achieve business growth

Values and Principles

* Make all things with integrity 
* Serve with love and give an excellent service
* Treat others as you would like to be treated 
* Give the best value for business made 
* Help whoever is in necessity at all times 
* Work with all your heart 
* No charge for churches 

Our Specialties

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automation & email marketing

professional & executive speaking

professional & executive training

specialized group coaching – network marketing sales

specialized group coaching – email marketing



Harness the power of a funnel through automation, growing your income on autopilot and generating the results you desire. ASK us how!


We’ll do an overall analysis of your company’s current sales pipeline, from a contact’s first interaction all the way to sale, visually mapping out your customer’s complete journey.


Get your marketing and sales teams aligned so they are working together and running like a well oiled machine. The power of automation makes it simple to do this. 


Segmentation will add another dimension to your marketing and sales efforts, allowing you to create custom journeys for your customers for better interaction.

Automating my sales process has dramatically increased my revenue, without a bunch of added effort. Who knew that by automating my customer journey, I could get more customers and have more time with my family.

Sandra Ayala

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